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Advantage steel space exploration

Jan 21, 2017

Insulation structure of steel structures application further expanded the scope of integration, China's steel industry has a certain degree of the scale. However, compared with developed countries, the gap is still very obvious: in the developed world, steel structures generally exceed 30% per cent of total construction, and so far, over 90% of structure reinforced concrete structure. Steel industry huge gap with the developed countries also shows that China's steel industry has great potential and broad prospects. Is not in accord with China's steel industry can flourish, talent training lag of steel structures, lack of professional and technical personnel, which has become the whole steel structure profession healthy development "bottleneck".
Structures personnel training status and the steel industry. China's rapid development is not coordinated, our cultivation system of steel structure remained stagnant at a level in the seventies or eighties of the 20th century. Now big country, China's steel production, steel structure industry rise rapidly and become the size. The fast development of steel industry in urgent need of a large number of steel structure of skilled professional and technical personnel, the inevitable urge to adjust steel talent cultivation.