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Domestic Highrise steel structure residential building

Jan 21, 2017

Currently the structure system in high-rise steel structure residential building is divided into four main categories:
1) pure forms the framework;
2) frame;
3) steel-concrete composite forms;
4) form of steel frame-concrete shear walls.
Form the framework for a solid, material steel beam-column connections, connection by welding or bolts for combination installation. Frame and solid framework similar to, just because the seismic need, arranged in two principal directions of main structure with braces, steel braced with steel columns and beams composed of vertical shear of analysis, thus replacing the traditional concrete wall installation uses the same welded or bolted. Steel-concrete composite form is characteristic of steel frame beam-column outside poured a layer of concrete and pouring new concrete not only plays a structural role, and help to address the main structure of the preservative, fire prevention.