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Domestic steel is at a stage of rapid development

Jan 21, 2017

National policies to support widespread use of steel structure Villa, saving on energy consumption, the national environmental protection, pollution reduction, with far-reaching effects. Important representatives of steel structural buildings as green buildings, taking into account the work load capacity at the same time, taking into account the ecological carrying capacity, compared to other architectural forms, you can reduce the consumption of resources and environmental pollution. China is now at a stage of rapid development, urbanization is gradually accelerated. Green building is the result of integrating sustainable development concepts into the field of architecture, will become the dominant trend of the future building. Green building as an important means of implementing the sustainable development strategy of the construction industry, have been known to many people in the industry.
Green building systems, and practice in a number of countries and regions to promote. As the world's future development direction of the building. Green architecture from theory to practice, gradual improvement on a global scale, while its design and construction techniques have become more mature. Articles focus on the concept of green building in construction process of applications research, provide reference and reference for Chinese to further promote green construction. Steel structure building green concepts embedded in the whole process of construction, energy saving and the promotion of green and low carbon building plays an important exemplary and leading role. Domestic steel is at a stage of rapid development.