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Properties of steel fiber concrete and its application prospect

Jan 21, 2017

1, the type and characteristics of steel fiber parameters
Steel fiber by material points, has General carbon steel steel fiber and stainless steel steel fiber, which to General steel steel fiber dosage mostly; by shape points has long straight shaped, and pressure marks shaped, and wave shaped, and bent hook shaped, and head shaped, and twisted shaped; by section shape points has round, and rectangle, and Crescent and the not rules shaped; by production process points has cut type, and shear type, and milling cut type and the melt pumping type; by construction uses points has pouring with steel fiber and Jet with steel fiber.
In order to meet the properties of steel fiber reinforced effect and construction, often with steel fiber length of 15-60mm, or equivalent diameters of 0.3-1.2mm in diameter, length to diameter ratio is 30-100, fibre volume content is 0.5%-2%.
2, the main properties of steel fiber
Main properties including tensile strength of steel fiber and bond strength. Tests show that, mainly due to common steel fiber reinforced concrete due to steel fibers pulled out and destroyed, not damage because of the steel fibers break, so generally meet the requirements of the tensile strength of steel fiber and its concrete Interfacial bond strength are the main factors influencing the performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete. Bond strength is subject to the properties concerned, steel fiber, and steel fiber shape and cross section shape.