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Steel structure workshop what are the advantages of

Jan 21, 2017

1. steel structure plant building simple, short construction period:
All steel components are prefabricated in a factory completed, simply assembled on site, so as to shorten the construction period.
2. steel structure widely used:
Steel structure can be used in factories, warehouses, office buildings, sports stadiums, hangars, etc. Suitable for both single-layer large-span building, can also be used for the construction of multi-storey or high-rise buildings.
3. steel structure factory building beautiful and practical
Steel construction smooth clean lines, modern. Wall color in a variety of colors to choose from, wall or other materials, making it more flexible.
4. the steel structure factory building cost reasonably
Light weight steel building, cost reduction, faster in construction can be completed and put into operation at an early date, overall economic efficiency is much better than concrete structures.
5. the steel plant is durable, easy to maintain
General computer design of steel structure buildings can resist harsh climate, and simple maintenance.