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The technological superiority and economic advantages of steel fiber

Jan 21, 2017

Reinforcement of steel fiber concrete is ideal, and has become the new composite material goods indispensable raw materials. Steel fiber concrete in tensile strength, impact resistance, crack resistance, shear resistance, resistance to abrasion, fatigue strength and freeze-thaw resistance than normal concrete has been greatly improved. Yu building, Zhengzhou steel d limited production steel fiber to high performance, economy, the advantages of easy construction popular in the country, has been widely applied to urban infrastructure, factory building, a national high-speed rail construction.
Technical advantages: high resistance to bending, shear resistance and impermeability. Low shrinkage, which can effectively prevent shrinkage cracks. Improve product impact resistance, high fracture toughness. Good workability, uniform and effective distribution in concrete, without clustering, naked.
Economic advantage: under the same intensity can be reduced to save amount of concrete. Can be replaced or partially replace the reinforcement. To shorten the construction period, the special requirements applicable to concrete project in rapid succession. With the same mix of ordinary concrete and construction, without adding equipment. Extend product life, integrated and cost-effective social benefits.