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21 Notice In Installation

Aug 03, 2017

1. If there is a gutter, the tie rod cannot be designed to cling to the top of the cylinder, otherwise it may not be able to install the downpipe.In addition, the position of the gutter drain and the support between the poles and pillars must be considered. Otherwise, they should either touch the pole or meet the support of the pillar.

2. The arrangement of the bolt position on the horizontal support should be reasonable. Don't deviate too far from the main beam, you should consider convenient installation.Otherwise, the worker must lean out to tighten the basket bolt or climb up the ladder, or wait until the purline is installed and then climb up the purline to tighten the basket bolt so that it is not safe.Also want to consider the arrangement position of the corner, do not be in decorate horizontal support with the corner fight.

Three, not unilaterally on the brace hole of purline consider "in tension, compression, while factors such as", hit the bottom margin of perforation, because it can be easily installed backwards, when installation results adverse instead.

4. The corner plate of door and window can't be general, because in the construction you can't guarantee that the plate is located in the wave or trough of the pressure plate.

5. When making large projects, it is necessary to take into account the convenience of production, delivery and installation.

6. The "load and other data" provided by party a must understand its real meaning, because party a tends not to know much about these things.We should make a change of thinking, the preliminary work is done well, the follow-up work is much better.

Seven, the position of the high strength bolts should be reasonable, want to consider the construction of twist off, and the torque wrench space, do not install in, because the space is too small, twist off, and the torque wrench can not in place, etc., result in high strength bolt wobbler can't wring or high strength bolts can't tighten.There have been designs that have not even been given the location of the sleeve.

8. If possible, use the upper and lower symmetry of the bolt arrangement method if possible.At one time, there were four of the top four, and the workshop worker accidentally put some of them into reverse, and I was sorry to be here.

9 if there are maintenance brick wall, light steel structure, be sure to dock with the construction units and construction units in advance, because it involves two aspects of the civil and steel structure, because the civil brick wall is likely to be not straight, but choi steel pan of water and can't do big and small, the result is choi steel and brick wall crack big and small, choi steel and brick wall is difficult to do a good job in water treatment, make the construction unit has a heart to prepare.

10. The bolt of the ground is usually buried by civil units, and the steel structure manufacturers show that they can sometimes change the position of the anchor bolt to 90 degrees, and it is too late to review.There is also dimensional deviation to give you a deviation 50 ~ 100mm also not strange.So be sure to remind yourself before construction that it's best to have a literal basis (self-protection).

Eleven, wind column and steel beam connection to use spring plate connection, because the middle after installation of beam deflection is larger, gable Liang Re bolts and wind column connection, will cause the roof.

12. The detailed drawings of the roof purline and steel beams should be carefully checked, and it is often found that the purline of the roof of the roof is not in line with the number of purline in the detail of the steel girder.

13. No stiffening ribs of the nodal plate, and some designers have not designed, resulting in the deformation of the nodal plate during the subsequent welding.

When the beam column is connected with a tie plate, it does not extend the hole properly. Some places are too long because the connection plate on the tie rod is too long, so that the space is too small and the tie rod is too long to be put in.Some secondary beams often have this condition.

15. When you make a strip window, the plate is stiffening toward the window, so when you go to this floor, you can't go away.In addition, when installing the purline of a strip window, use the countersunk head screw as far as possible.

16. The upper window of the doorway is too close to the doorway, where there is no rain.

17. The bar between adjacent purlin distance of window frames is not arranged, and the end of the strip is in conflict with the window frame.

The types of steel plates and high-strength bolts shall be as few as possible, and the cost of materials shall be considered.In particular, in the construction of different places, some of the field supervisors do not recognize the experiments done by the factory.Are you going to coordinate?

19. The connection plate of purline is as far as possible not to be designed square, the workshop is easy to reverse assembly.

20. The inner and the ditch do not make the insulation layer, the indoor formation of a "cold bridge", produce the phenomenon such as dripping water and dew.It should be painted in the gutter, or spray polyurethane insulation layer, or other thermal insulation treatment.

21. The roof board USES a sandwich panel, so it is estimated that the water will leak in half a year (if the span is slightly larger).A check on the outer panel of the roof board has several broken marks, since it does not consider the repeated thermal expansion and contraction in the sun.You know what's going on when you come to the house after the construction is over.