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Analysis And Prevention Of Water Seepage Of Light Steel Structure Plant

Jan 02, 2018

Choi steel maintenance system itself has a certain strength and stiffness, material generally will not leak, maintenance system leakage reason mainly in the node mishandled, material quality, maturity and completeness of system design, structure and installation technology and so on were also directly affect the waterproof effect of containment system.Choi steel due to the change of environment, temperature and shrinkage, deformation, produced displacement interface and lap connection, common seal strip or silicone rubber bonding place can't sync with the color plate surface displacement arising out of, choi steel roofing leakage.Different mining plates have different degrees of deformation and aging at the same time.For the same scrolls, the waterproof performance of the butler system is much stronger than that of the model.It is also a nail board, and different construction teams have different effects.The reason for the leakage in the roof is as follows.

Analysis and solution of leakage causes in various parts

Light steel structure roofing slope is generally small, tend to under 6%, more rain in central south region, the structure of roof leakage phenomenon is relatively common, there are large area leaking roof combining site, light inlet window and intravenous drip, investigate its reason, the formation of leakage phenomenon, mostly by the self tapping screw, choi steel rivet lap, roof tile, take heart, choi steel deformation caused by the roof crush and light inlet window waterproof glue the adornment such as position falls off and so on several aspects. 

5.1 leakage of roof screws and fasteners

This phenomenon is more common, mainly appeared in double color steel plate and single layer color steel roof.In construction process, self tapping screw strength is overweight, underweight, self tapping screw shot wide, DaXie etc, can make the self tapping screw deformation of rubber gasket, fall off or form concave, cause the roof leaking the a bit, and through the heat preservation cotton accumulation, many a mickle makes a muckle, and form more leaks.In addition, the position of self-tapping screw is not positive, and it is one of the important reasons for the leakage of the holes in the steel plate.The leakage phenomenon in the monolayer choi steel without heat preservation system may not be evident in the roof structure, mainly because of the rain after touching part and purlin steel leakage dispersion directly, not necessarily dropped down quickly.

5.2 leak in the contact of the color steel plate

Level of overlap joints and vertical overlap joints, choi steel it is leaking, if a caigang floor tile is too low or the rain water is not too DE beauvoir wave, easy to form large leaks, and not easy to find leaking point, once the form is not easy to repair.Mostly seen in curved roofs.The main reason is that there is no tension between the two plates, the self-tapping screw is not filled up and so on. 

5.3 the roof of the roof is leaking

Water leakage caused by roof tiles is also a common phenomenon in the construction of lightweight steel structures.During the rainy season, especially when the rain water is large, the spatter of rainwater splashes through the gaps between the two colored steel plates in the lower part of the ridge to form a large area of leakage.The main reason for the leakage is that the crest of the roof is too high, and the roof of the roof can not guarantee the waterproof.Vertical lap joints without glue or silica gel, forming gaps and leaking;The roof of the roof of the roof is connected by a riveted rivet, and the heat expansion and shrinkage is not enough to pull the rivet and form a leak.The roof of the roof is not covered with the roof board, or the plug is placed in an irregular shape.The solution is: the roof of the roof is wider and the slope is larger;Glue or silica gel in the connection;Replacement of suture nails;The block should be matched with the plate type, and the glue or silica gel should be placed when the plug is laid.In the construction of preventing the ridged water leakage, it should be used to increase the length of the ridged tile to the cutting edge of the wave-like area and glue the joints. 

5.4 roof air

The main reason for the leakage in this part is that the gas tower is not placed under the closed side of the roof, and the end of the boundary is not laid with cement or silica gel.The outer panel of the roof is not attached to the junction of the gas tower;The shaft of the gas tower is not waterproof.The gas building itself makes, installation has leakage hidden trouble.The solution is: the foam plug should be laid before the side installation, and the cement or plug should be fixed by the vertical joint.The roof panel must be well before installation.It is required that the gas building construction contractor shall make waterproof treatment of the opening area after completion of the structure of the gas building, and check the installation quality and waterproofing performance of the gas building. 

5.5 mining area

It is an important part of the maintenance system for the waterproof part of the mining plate, and the cement laying and waterproof screw are the main hidden problems in roof leakage.Mining plate board type does not match with the roof plate type, adopt plate on both sides of the crest above the roof panel, after installation, seal too strict or plate inside and outside differential pressure, capillary water leaking from inside the mining on both sides of the plate crack into the roof;The longitudinal lap length of the mining plate is not enough, and the gelatine aging loses the stickiness.The longitudinal cement sloughed off;The gap between the plate and the color plate is rigid, and the gap in the middle is not sealed.The roof of the roof to prevent leakage should pay attention to the following aspects: first, the waterproof screw to hit the top of the crest;2. The edge plate of the mining board shall be firmly sealed with the mining plate, and the sides of the slabs shall be widened and the upper part of the crest shall be laid to prevent the water from leaking.Three is to control the wave center spacing, on both sides and anastomosed with the mining plate wave center distance cannot be removed due to installation problems or size width plate wave height or width, cause the quality hidden trouble;Four is not less than 300 ㎜ longitudinal lap, and take it with silicone seal is firm, mining plate lap place should be laying flexible tape sealing. 

5.6 the opening part of the roof

When the opening of the roof of the color steel plate is open, the problem of the exterior and the waterproof of roof should be considered, which should be determined according to the form of opening hole and the model of color steel roof.The main reason for the leakage in this part is that the fan hole is not waterproofing according to the design node, and the steel plug is not covered with waterproof glue and silica gel.The fan hole is surrounded by a small area, water flow is not smooth, easy to water;The surrounding edge of the hole is not waterproof.There are no structural parts in the inner entrance of the cave, forming low water seeps.Waterproofing construction has the phenomenon of blocking water, forming water.The solution is: the construction of the design drawings and strict construction procedures, the laying of glue, silica gel;The surrounding area of the fan must meet the drainage requirements;The wall and roof opening must then be waterproof.To add purline or Angle steel structure to reduce the surrounding deformation;The waterproof installation must be tight and smooth, so that the water flow smoothly. 

5.7 cornice

This part is the main part of the leak, the main reason for the leakage is: the roof of the roof is installed without foam plug, the outside of the roof is not pulled.The outer wall of the wall is not long enough, and the edge of the cornice is not waterproof.Answer: that the roof plate installation should be placed at the same time the bubble plug, and decline of 30 ° roof plate, should be set up according to design requirements as eaves. 

5.8 area

Lap seam and the two key parts of the bridge seam is leaking, compared with reinforced concrete roof, roof gutter depth of steel structure roofing, and installed without continuous with the roof waterproof structure, roof gutter water, it is difficult to ensure no leaking.The main reason for the leakage in this part is that there is a gap in the welding joint of the inner ditch, and the water seepage is formed.The pipe diameter of the gutter and rain water pipes is too small to match the slope of the workshop.The end of the ditch does not make the head plate;The outside of the roof is inadequately extended and the water will flow into the inside of the plant.The solution is: increase the depth of the gutter and make the gutter rain not exceed the joints.After the welding of the inner gutter joint, the waterproof test is made. If the water leakage is detected, the secondary welding is required.The diameter of the pipe diameter of the gutter and the rain water pipe should be determined by calculating the displacement of the roof.To install the head plate of the end of the ditch;The roof board shall be constructed according to the design length.

5.9 rain part

The main reason for the leakage in this part is the improper handling of the indirect 151 parts of the canopy.No plug or design requirements are put into the outer wall between the canopy and the outer wall.The solution is: the indirect 151 of the rain and the enclosed room must be connected by the side lap and waterproof.Typically, rain loose edge should enter the 151 flood water on outer wall plate, in order to install the construction is convenient, flashing on May also directly depend on the wall plate, but must be placed plug, and silica gel seal gap. 

5.10 plant and attached interface parts

The main reason for the leakage in this part is that the construction is unreasonable, and the installation of the interface is not satisfied with the design requirements.The solution is: the attached room is more than 2 times water resistant to the waterproofing treatment of the plant, the first waterproof closing edge and the concrete interface cut the slot 20mm ~ 40mm, and insert the sealing rubber after the closing of the wall;When the plant and the attached housing interface are installed, only one end is fixed, the other end must be free, and the heat expansion and shrinkage of the apricot will result in the leakage of the edge. 

5.11 brick wall and light steel roof joint

The site is prone to leakage, the roof boards and cement walls are leaking, the main reason is that the stress is not synchronous and the silicone glue and adhesion surface are cracked and leaking.Solution: to prevent temperature distortion and adopt double edge connection.When connecting with the brick wall, the closing side should be in a certain Angle and completely sealed;The sealing adhesive should be preset when closing. 

5.12 aluminum alloy window part

The main reason for the leakage is that there is a gap between the wall purline and the aluminum alloy.Between the mouth of the window and steel structure, brick wall and window glass and the profile between the seal is not strict;The windowsill and countertop have a large gap or backwater phenomenon;No silica gel was installed in the installation of 151 pan water on the window.The solution is: to guarantee the flatness of the structure purline, reduce the gap between purline and aluminum alloy;All cracks in the lower window shall be fully sealed and the silicone adhesive shall be laid.Aluminum alloy and single slot, single slot and glass should be fully sealed.Brick wall in vitro tile should ensure that mortar is full;The window sill is painted to urge the land unit to look for the slope, facilitate the drainage;The window is 151 water to collect the edge of the sealing rubber, and do not connect in the steel column.