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Application Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Jan 21, 2017

Steel fiber concrete is concrete mixed with a certain amount of short, slender steel fiber consisting of a new type of high-strength composites. Steel fiber concrete cracks of block matrix, not only has excellent properties of ordinary concrete, but also has good bending strength, shock resistance, fatigue resistance and shrinkage, good toughness, wear ability and other characteristics. Can make the pavement thickness reduction 50%, contraction joint spacing increase from 15m~30m, without setting expansion joint and the longitudinal seam. Types of steel fiber reinforced concrete with steel fibers are straight, melting and shearing steel fiber. Its length is divided into a variety of different specifications, the best ratio of length to diameter for 40~70, diameter in the 0.4mm~0.7mm range, the tensile strength not less than 380mm. Steel fiber reinforced concrete in the construction of 1.0%~2.0% mixed in (v), but the maximum dosage should not exceed 2%. Cement 425#~525# of ordinary Portland cement to ensure the mixture with high strength and wear resistance. Should not be greater than 20mm. Fine aggregates use coarse sand, average particle size 0.35mm~0.45mm, bulk density. 37g/cm3. rate by 45%~50% sand.