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Are You Seen The Standard Steel Building?

Jul 05, 2017

    At this stage of the Steel Building plant after another, large and small, single-storey multi-storey Steel Building plant has been used by people, then the standard Steel Building you have seen it? What is he like?

    Steel Building is a steel frame for the skeleton to sandwich panels for the envelope material to the standard series of modules for the space together, the use of bolts components, a new concept of environmentally friendly economic Steel Building. Can be quickly and easily assembled and demolished, to achieve the temporary standardization of temporary buildings, and establish a green energy-saving, efficient and efficient architectural concept, so that temporary housing into a series of development, integrated production, supporting the supply, Many times the use of stereotypes of the product area.

    Steel Building plant operation process is also very procedural, scientific, separated, including the following points: the wall release line - → install the door hole box - → installed along the top keel and along the keel → vertical keel sub- → installation of vertical keel - → installation of horizontal keel card - → installation of gypsum cover panel - → construction joints practice - → surface construction. Standardized and orderly structure of the Steel Building process technology, in order to produce economic standards of Steel Building plant.

    The standard Steel Building has its most basic advantages:

    The first is comfort, Steel Building plant with efficient energy-saving system, with breathing function, can adjust the indoor air dry and humidity; roof with ventilation function, you can make the formation of mobile air inside the room to ensure that the roof of the ventilation and cooling needs The

    The second is fast, all dry construction, not affected by the environmental season. A 300 square meters of Steel Building of the light Steel Building, only five workers 3 working days to complete the whole process from the foundation to the decoration.

    The third is environmentally friendly, Steel Building of light Steel Building material can be 100% recovery, and truly green pollution.

    The fourth is energy-saving, Steel Building of the light Steel Building all the use of energy efficient wall, insulation, insulation, sound insulation is good, up to 50% of energy efficiency standards.

    The fifth is the sound insulation, sound insulation is an important indicator of the assessment of residential, light steel system installed windows are hollow glass, sound insulation effect, sound insulation up to 40 decibels; by light steel keel, insulation material gypsum board wall , The sound insulation can be as high as 60 dB.

    The sixth health, dry construction, reduce waste caused by the pollution of the environment, Steel Building of light Steel Building material can be 100% recovery, other supporting materials can also be most of the recycling, in line with the current environmental awareness; all materials for the green building materials, Meet the ecological and environmental requirements, is conducive to health.

    The above is the standard Steel Building plant has the most basic advantages, it is these advantages, making Steel Building more and more applied to the building. The construction of a standard Steel Building plant requires a good steel company.