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Condition Of Installation Of Steel Building

Nov 01, 2017

Steel Building installation conditions are:

1. Preparation of Steel Building installation of the organization design. After approval and implementation, the steel installation procedure must ensure structural stability and no permanent deformation.

2. Obtain qualified information on the inspection, installation and basic acceptance of the supervision unit, the general contractor.

3. Before installing the Steel Building, check the components of the approach in accordance with the component list. Inspection of quality certificates and design changes files; factory-mounted large-scale components in the field assembly, should be based on pre-assembled qualified records, the necessary technical documents and large parts pre-layout layout should be complete, and pay attention to the following point.

① components should meet the design requirements and specifications. The main components (pillars, crane beams and roof trusses, etc.) should be re-checked.

② components in the transport and installation should prevent the coating damage.

③ Steel Building should be attached to the surface before the removal of dust, snow, oil and dirt and other debris.

4. Steel Building components should be installed in accordance with the installation procedures to ensure complete sets of on-site storage site to meet the needs of the scene assembled and installed, the roof frame assembly, assembled in the field when assembled to prepare a good assembly table, component classification stacking. Stiffness of the larger components can pave the way the level of stacking, roofing should be placed, close to the column, banding firmly.

5. Components in the site of the hole, assembly, light and riveting and coating of the child's requirements should meet the relevant provisions.

6. Check whether the components are damaged or deformed during loading, transport and stacking. Damage and deformation of the components should be corrected or re-processing, beating damage to the anti-corrosion primer should be added, and re-inspection for inspection and acceptance.

7. Make a record of the geometry of the component, the hole, assembly, lamp connection, friction surface, etc. to check.