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Construction Technology Of Steel Structure

Feb 09, 2018

Applicable scope: is suitable for construction steel structure processing production process, including the selection of process flow, layout, marking, cutting, straightening, molding, edge processing, tube ball hole processing, the system, the friction surface processing, end processing, assembly of components, assembled pipe processing components and steel members.

1 material requirements

1.1.1 the steel, welding materials, coating materials and fasteners used in the steel structure shall have a quality certificate, which must conform to the design requirements and the current standards.

1.1.2 raw materials into the factory, besides must have a factory factory quality certificate, and shall be in accordance with the contract requirements and the current standards in the testimony of party a, supervision, on-site witness sampling, deliver, inspection and test, inspection records.And provide inspection report to party a and the supervisor.

1.1.3 in the process of processing, if the raw material is found to be defective, it must be investigated by the inspectors and the competent technical personnel.

1.1.4 the material substitution shall be submitted by the manufacturer in advance with the application for the certificate of materials (technical verification sheet), and after the examination of party a and the supervisor, it shall be confirmed by the design unit before it can be used.

1.1.5 it is strictly forbidden to use the solder with the peeling or rust of the core, the dampness or the melted flux and the rusty wire.It is used for bolting studs, and the surface shall not have any defects such as cracks, striations, dents and burrs.

1.1.6 welding materials shall be centrally managed, and special warehouses shall be set up to be dry and well ventilated.

1.1.7 bolts shall be stored in a dry and ventilated room.Inbound acceptance of high strength bolt, should according to the current national standard "the high strength bolt connection of steel structure design, construction and acceptance regulation JGJ82 requirements, rust, stain, be affected with damp be affected with damp, is strictly prohibited and mixed batch of high strength bolt bruised.

1.1.8 the coating shall conform to the design requirements, and shall be stored in a special warehouse, and shall not use the paint that has expired, deteriorated, and failed to be used.

2 main machine tools

1.2.1 main machine tools.

Long tool for production of steel structure.

3 operating conditions

1.3.1 complete the construction details and sign the approval by the original designer.

1.3.2 construction organization design, construction plan, work instruction and other technical preparations are ready.

1.3.3 various process evaluation test and process performance test and material purchase plan have been completed.

1.3.4 main materials have been entered into the factory.

1.3.5 all kinds of mechanical equipment debugging and acceptance are qualified.

1.3.6 all the production workers shall be trained before the construction, and obtain the qualification certificates.

4 operation technology

1.4.1 process flow.

1.4.2 operation process.

1 lofting and marking.

1) be familiar with construction drawings and find out that there is a doubt and should be contacted with the relevant technical department.

2) prepare the material of sample and spline, usually with thin sheet metal and small flat steel.

3) the steel ruler must be checked and checked by the metrological department, which can be used after qualified.

4) the material and specifications of raw materials must be understood before the material, and the quality of raw materials should be checked.The parts of different specifications and materials should be classified.And according to the principle of first big, small principle.

5) apply paint on the sample rod to indicate the processing number, component number and specification, and mark the hole diameter, working line, bending line and other processing symbols.

6) the amount of shrinkage (including on-site welding shrinkage) and the machining allowance required for cutting and milling ends shall be reserved for the samples and materials.

End of milling end: after cutting, generally add 3-4mm to each side, and then add 4-5 mm to each side after gas cutting.

Cutting allowance: the width of the automatic gas cutting slot is 3mm and the width of the manual gas cutting is 4mm.

The welding shrinkage is given according to the structural characteristics of the component.

7) the main force components and the components that need to be bent should be taken according to the direction of the process when marking, and the outside of the bending parts should not have the sample punching point and the scar defect.

8) the marking shall be conducive to cutting and ensuring the quality of parts.

9) the remaining materials after this batch of materials shall be labeled with residual materials, including the remaining material number, specification, material and batch number of the furnace so as to facilitate the reuse of the remaining materials.

2 cutting

After the material is underlined, the steel must be cut according to the shape and size required.

1) the following points should be noted when cutting:

(1) when a steel plate is arranged with a number of parts and a few intersecting shear lines, a reasonable shearing procedure should be arranged in advance and then sheared.

(2) the bending deformation after shearing must be corrected;The shearing surface is rough or with burrs and must be polished.

(3) the shear process, the metal near incision, due to shear and extrusion and bending, important components and the position of the weld interface, milling, planing, or must be used grinding wheel grinding method.

2) the following construction points should be noted in the construction of sawing machine:

(1) the section steel should be straightened before cutting.

(2) the component of a single saw cutting, a marking line is drawn first, then the wire saw is cut.In batch processing, the positioning baffle can be pre-installed for processing.

(3) the important components with higher machining accuracy should be considered to reserve the appropriate machining allowance for the end face milling after sawing.

(4) when cutting, pay attention to the control of the vertical degree of the cutting section.

3) the following process points should be paid attention to during gas cutting operation:

(1) before the gas cutting, it is necessary to check that the equipment and tools of the whole gas cutting system are in normal operation and ensure safety.

(2) the correct process parameters should be selected when cutting gas.When cutting, the shape of the oxygen jet (wind line) should be adjusted so that it can be reached and maintained in a clear outline, with long wind lines and high ejection force.

(3) before the gas cutting, remove dirt, oil, rust and other sundries on the steel surface, and leave some space below to facilitate the blowing out of the slag.

(4) in the case of gas cutting, tempering must be prevented.

(5) in order to prevent the gas cutting deformation, the operation should start from the short side first;First cut small pieces, then cut large pieces;Should cut more complex first, after cut is simpler.