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Earthquake Proof Prefabricated Mobile Construction Design

Mar 21, 2017

A range of technologies have been developed to construct buildings that are highly resistant to earthquakes. Buildings should at least have enough seismic performance to protect the people inside from damage in a large earthquake. New technological options are now provided to further increase their performance, for example to make buildings resistant to earthquakes beyond the level set by the building standards, to protect fixtures and fittings inside buildings from earthquake damage, or to protect the building as a whole.

Nowadays FSS Co.,designer has designed a new system got earthquake resisdence.It use the very light weight panel system and strengthen steel structure.It will keep the house stable when the 8 grade earthquake happened.

When we examine how the academic world can contribute to preventing disasters, we first of all think about seismic engineering for buildings. We are continuing to make progress in this field to help protect people’s lives.

If you are interested in this system, please go to the product page you will know more details about that.