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How An Apartment Building Fire Is Developing Into A Disaster

Jul 17, 2017

in reality it's hard to find examples of more alive than disaster. North kensington in London, a total of 24 floors of the glen phil tower, its fire risk management total solution, according to the details of the core of the whole plan is based on each tower 120 apartments are equipped with a fire door as the premise. So, no matter any fire, the fire control will be enough long time, so that the fire brigade arrived. And at the same time, people living in areas not affected by the fire of can in order to evacuate the building. As a concrete building, because of the existence of the concrete floor and partition wall, the design that the fire is difficult to spread quickly." however, it is reported that because the building external wall insulation board, it is very likely will increase the risk of a building to a new level of disaster level.The panels were designed to reduce heat loss and improve the appearance of buildings, but the report showed that the panels used flammable aluminum foil insulation as an insulating material.As a result, initial reports suggest that the fire risk in buildings could be caused by the maximum loss of an apartment to the entire apartment building -- a real disaster.The potential risks from the disaster have also changed the response of residents who are not supposed to stay in their apartments, but to leave the building as quickly as possible."In high-rise building in the new thermal insulation material the relevant risks of this respect, there have been many warnings. Since 2000, China has become the country with the most high-rise buildings in the world, is also the main producing countries of heat shield on the surface. From the ministry of public security fire research institute of tianjin 2013 study confirmed a few high-rise fire is also covered by exterior insulation layer spread rapidly. Including TVCC fire in 2009 and 2010 Shanghai fire jiaodong road, shenyang royal building fire in 2011, such as" around the world, China's fire these lessons also did not get enough attention and concern.In November 2014, Melbourne, Australia, Victoria harbor, a Lacrosse, residential construction is also a fire broke out, at first the fire caused by the balcony on the second floor of a cigarette, then spread quickly through the thermal insulation layer to 20 layers.Hundreds of people were evacuated from the fire, but no one was killed, mainly because the fire did not extend inside the building.However, Australian trade unions and fire experts say "... cheap building materials have turned high-rise apartment buildings into 'time bombs' ".The study of the behavior of structural system under fire is as mentioned above, and the construction of thermal insulation materials with inadequate fireproof capability is abundant in the world at present.The buildings will continue to be in service for a long time, and it is very difficult to change all of their thermal insulation materials (think of all the changes to the insulation of all buildings in 2011).At present, fire research generally considers that fire control can limit fire to a limited area, so the structure fire resistance study mainly focuses on local component fire research.However, from this London fire, as well as many previous fire cases, it can be seen that there is an objective risk of widespread fire damage inside the building.According to wikipedia's definition of structure, "A structure is A body or A composition age of bodies in space to form A system capable of supporting loads."Structure is a system, a system, especially in a wide range of fire, the system will produce significant influence each other between the artifacts, component test at this time is not enough to guarantee the fire resistance of structural system.