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How To Read The Construction Drawing

May 09, 2017

(1) after gradually getting a copy of the paper, you should look at the picture first, then see what graph, should have the main one time, usually in the following order:

(1) the first read carefully design, understanding the structure of the general situation, location, elevation, material requirements, quality standards, construction matters needing attention and some special technical requirements, ideological form an initial impression;

(2) and then to see whether the plan, understand the housing plane shape, width, depth, column grid size, various arrangement and traffic arrangement of the room, as well as the doors and Windows, the building form a plane concept, provided a basis for the elevation and section;

Look at the elevation of the building to understand the changes in the orientation, the number of layers and the height of the building, and the requirements of doors and Windows and exterior decoration.

A section of the section of the section of the section of the section of the section is presented.

(5) finally see chart, in order to understand the floor plan, elevation, section, etc, the relationship between the architecture diagram and structure diagram of deepening the understanding of the whole project;

6. In addition, still must according to the plan, elevation, section, such as the index sign, read referred to in details or node figure, to combine the thickness and the size of the circle.

Only step by step, can understand the design intent, understand the design drawings, that is to say, the general should be "see shows that after the first look at the picture, in order for best flat, vertical, profile control; check nodes and details, structure comparison reading", so as to get twice the result with half the effort.

(2) as to remember the size though various construction projects, but is through the change of the size of each part and appear all sorts of different model and effects.As the saying goes: "there is no rules, no square," and if there is no such concrete size as long, wide, high, and diameter, the builders cannot do the construction.

But the size of the drawing is a lot, and as a concrete and operator, you don't need it, and you can't remember all the dimensions on it.However, the main dimensions of the building, the size, model, location and quantity of the main components must be firmly remembered.This can deepen the understanding of the design drawing, facilitate the construction operation, reduce or avoid the construction mistake.