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Knowledge Analysis Of Steel Structure

Jan 05, 2018

What is steel structure

What is steel structure? In academic language, steel structure is the main structure of steel production, which is one of the main types of architectural structures.Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability. Therefore, it is especially suitable for building large span and ultra-high and super-heavy buildings.Steel structure is composed of steel girder, steel column, steel truss, etc.The structure of the joint of weld, bolt or rivet.

Characteristics of steel structure

1. Steel toughness, good plasticity, uniform material, high reliability of structure, suitable for bearing shock and dynamic load, have good seismic performance.The inner structure of the steel is homogeneous and is close to isotropic homogenization.The actual performance of steel structure is in accordance with the calculation theory.So the steel structure has high reliability.

2. High material strength, light weight, high steel strength and high elastic modulus.Compared with concrete and wood, the density and the ratio of yield strength is relatively low, so in the same stress under the condition of the steel structure component cross section is small, light weight, easy to transport and install, suitable for large span, high altitude, carrying heavy structure.

3. Good sealing performance of steel structure. Due to the welding structure can be fully sealed, it can be used as air tightness, water tightness is good pressure vessel, large oil tank, pressure pipeline and so on.

4, heat-resistant steel structure is not fire, when the temperature was below 150 ℃, the steel properties changed little.Thus the steel structure is suitable for the hot shop, but the structure surface by around 150 ℃ heat radiation, insulation protection must be used.Temperature at 300 ℃ to 400 ℃. The steel strength and elastic modulus were significantly decreased, temperature left at 600 ℃, the strength of the steel tends to zero.In buildings with special fire protection requirements, the steel structure must be protected by refractory materials to improve the fire resistance rating.

5. Corrosion resistance of steel structure, especially in humid and corrosive environment, is easy to rust.General steel structure should be derusted, galvanized or paint, and should be maintained regularly.For Marine platform structure in seawater, special measures such as "zinc plate anode protection" should be used to prevent corrosion.

6. The structure of steel structure is highly mechanized and the structural components of steel are easy to be manufactured and assembled in the factory.The factory mechanized manufacturing steel structure member finished high precision, high production efficiency, fast assembly speed, short working period.Steel structure is the most industrialized structure.

The development history of steel structure

In the early stage of our country, there were remarkable achievements in the iron structure, but due to the feudalism of the feudal system and the undeveloped science, our country stayed in the water level of the iron building for more than 2000 years.It was not until the end of the 19th century that China began to adopt modern steel structure.After the founding of new China, the application of steel structure has been greatly developed, which far outweighs the past in quantity or quality.Since 2000, China's national economy has grown significantly and its national strength has grown significantly, and steel production has become a world power.Around 2008, under the impetus of the Olympic Games, the steel structure construction boom, strong market demand, promoting the rapid development of steel structure building, has built a large number of steel structure building, airport, station, and high-rise buildings, among them, some steel structure building technology with world-class level in fabrication and installation, such as national Olympic stadium and other buildings.In design, manufacturing and installation, the technical aspects have reached a high level, mastering the design and construction techniques of various complex buildings.

The main characteristics of steel structure

Wind resistance

The steel structure has light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity and strong deformation ability.The building itself is only a fifth of the masonry structure, and it can withstand 70 meters of hurricane per second, which can effectively protect life and property.

Vibration resistance

Mostly for slope roof, the roof of low-rise villa so roof structure basically USES is made of cold bending steel components triangular roof truss system, light steel members in after sealing the structural plate material and plasterboard, formed a very strong "rib plate structure system", this kind of structure system have stronger earthquake and the ability to resist horizontal load, suitable for seismic intensity of 8 degrees above the area.

Sound insulation sex

The sound insulation effect is an important index to evaluate the residence. The Windows of the light steel system are equipped with insulating glass, the sound insulation is good and the sound insulation is over 40 decibels.The wall formed by the light steel keel and the insulation plaster board, the sound insulation effect can be as high as 60 decibels.

Heat preservation

The thermal insulation material is mainly fiberglass and has good thermal insulation effect.Used for the wall insulation board, effectively avoid the "cold bridge" phenomenon of the wall, to achieve better insulation effect.The R15 heat resistance value of 100mm thick is equivalent to 1m thick brick wall.


The construction of dry work reduces the pollution caused by waste to the environment. The steel structure of the house can be recycled 100%, and the other supporting materials can be recycled for the most part, which is in line with the current circular protection awareness.All materials are green building materials, meet the ecological environment requirement, is beneficial to health.

The durability of

Light steel structure residential structures are all made of cold bending thin-wall steel members system composition, bone using super anticorrosion, high strength cold rolled galvanized sheet steel manufacturing, effectively avoid the influence of steel corrosion in the process of construction and use, increase the service life of the light steel structures.The structure can live up to 100 years.


The light steel wall adopts the efficient energy saving system, has the function of breathing, can adjust the indoor air dry humidity;The roof has the ventilation function, can make the air between the inside of the house to form flow, ensure the ventilated and heat dissipation demand inside the roof.