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Light Steel Structure And The Difference Between Heavy Steel Structure

Jun 29, 2017

 light steel structure concept

1, according to the regulations of technology of portal frame light steel structure houses (CECS102:2002 the scope of regulation:

(1) the main bearing structure for the single span or multi span solid web portal rigid frame.

(2) light roof and light exterior wall;

(3) no bridge crane or a 1-a5 (light intermediate) working class bridge crane or 3t suspension crane with a weight not greater than 20t;(has no restrictions on single-girder crane here, this is mainly because single-girder crane lifting weight, generally within 5 t, using imported electric hoist can reach 10 t, such as the day of LD type, therefore on single-girder crane specification without limits) that is to say, with light roof (including crane lifting weight less than 20 t) and light wall (also can conditionally use masonry walls, such as "door rules" article 4.4.3 regulation of different seismic fortification district take different exterior) of single solid web portal rigid frame structure, belongs to the light steel structure.The light weight here mainly means that the enclosure is made of light material, and the main component section is the h-shaped section member of the plate welded by the medium thickness (6-12mm thick) steel plate.

Therefore, the current light steel meaning mainly refers to the rigid frame structure that conforms to this regulation.


2, in addition to the above type of door rigid frame structure, according to the main stress components of cross section to distinguish, and the following structure should also belong to the light steel structure:

(1) made of cold bending thin-wall steel structure;

(2) structure made of tubes, square pipes and rectangular tubes;

(3) the structure of the combination of the above components.The technical requirements of low-rise light steel structure assembly, which is under discussion at the ministry of construction, show that the low-rise steel structure assembly houses are also included in light steel structure


.3, according to some reference value, such as per square meter of steel content (as limit 45 to 50 kg/m2), the main component of section forms (H shape, rectangle, circle, etc.), the thickness of the steel plate (with 12 mm to limit), the largest component weight within 3 t (control), the largest span (usually within 36 m), structure (such as gantry frame or a similar structure), factory building eaves high within 12 m (control), structure (control) in 9 m width and so on, these data when determine whether factory belong to light steel can help.


Heavy steel structure concept

1, in the current national standard (including past has abolished the national specification) and previous technical files are not for sintering, now mainly to distinguish light steel structure housing, "the chongqing steel structure", is mainly used in the large workshop in item, such as: power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical factory, large machining workshop and assembly workshop, etc.

 2, in fact of chongqing steel structure called "PuGang" is more suitable.Because the common steel structure has a wide range, it can contain various steel structures, no matter the load size, even many contents of the lightweight steel structure, and also from the steel structure specification

3. The characteristics of the heavy steel structure are as follows:

 (1) the weight of lifting and lifting of the workshop: greater than or equal to 20 tons, and more than two;

(2) the amount of steel used per square meter is greater than 50 kg/m2;

(3) the steel plate thickness of the main component is more than 12mm thick, and the section of the member section is mostly the composite structure of the shape steel.

(4) the high eaves and structure of the workshop are large;


4 sports stadiums and exhibition centers, large span, high or whether high-rise steel structure could be called chongqing steel structure, although this kind of structure steel quantity is large, the range is big, but the structure of the stadium, exhibition center type spatial structure is more, top or high-rise steel structure frame shear wall (support system), with a significant difference between the light steel structure, I think this kind of architecture should be points within their respective structure type is better.