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Low Level Light Steel Keel Structure:

May 03, 2017

Light weight

Combined with lightweight functional building materials, the overall weight of the light steel keel building is about 1/3 of the structure of the mixed territory structure.Because the weight is light, the foundation of the building is very simple, the basis that USES load 8 tons is met need, the project cost also decreases accordingly.


Cold bend section steel structure and cladding of the rib plate structure, ability to resist horizontal load and vertical load is greatly improved, wind resistance and seismic performance is superior to other structures.

3, long life

The structure component is made of hot dip galvanized steel plate, excellent corrosion resistance, and steel structure components are all closed in impermeable gas composite wall inside, not corrosion, mildew, moth.

4, use area large

The wall thickness of the structure is 15-20cm and the thickness of the inner partition is 12cm, and the construction area is 15% more than concrete structure.

5, be flexible

The structure villa construction usually take the form of frame structure with support, the largest span can do 8 m, that can span by owner along with the gender to playing to segmentation and layout, architectural plane form larger space, high headroom rational space form.

6, the construction cycle is short

The main components of the structure can be manufactured or prefabricated in the factory, and a 300-flat villa is built in two to three months.

7, the comfort level is high

The structure using environmentally friendly "green building materials", and larger space, high headroom pattern gives a person the feeling of with large, easy to construct composite retaining wall, make it has high heat resistance insulation structure, indoor temperature is warm in winter and cool in summer and natural ventilation is set, the air is fresh, relaxed and happy.

Green construction concept

The residence is a product of industrialization production structure, so the concept of "building" historically, on steel structure villa project actual just "assembly" process;The structure is different from the traditional construction site, which is landscaping, which is the first to restore the environment to its original nature.Traditional construction sites tend to be dusty and rubbish, but there is no construction waste in the word construction site and no destruction of green space.