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Production Method Of Steel Fiber

Jan 21, 2017

Production method of steel fiber usually has wire cutting method, sheet cutting method, milling method and-melt method and rolling method. As concrete reinforcement, steel fibers after the input mixer, its shape and size could be evenly dispersed in the concrete and sprayed concrete are easier to transport, injection. Steel fiber too long, detailed, and mixing process of steel fiber Assembly and advised to plug the pipe during the injection process. Conversely, if the steel fibers are too short, too thick, transportation, mixing process should be separated from the concrete sink, not evenly distributed and the concrete, will not enhance the effect. Usually in sprayed steel fiber concrete in steel fiber diameter (or equivalent) in diameter for 0.3--0.6mm, 20--40mm length, aspect ratio for 40--60 of steel fiber volume content of 1%--2%. To increase the bond strength between steel fiber and concrete, usually change the surface properties of steel fiber and its geometric shape, face shape forms.