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Production Technology Of Steel Fiber Wire

Jan 21, 2017

There are many varieties of steel fiber, we have to make progress with the development of the market. Main properties including tensile strength of steel fiber and bond strength. Tests show that, mainly due to common steel fiber reinforced concrete due to steel fibers pulled out and destroyed, not damage because of the steel fibers break, so generally meet the requirements of the tensile strength of steel fiber and its concrete Interfacial bond strength are the main factors influencing the performance of steel fiber reinforced concrete.
Production technology of steel fiber wire: wire refers to the diameter of 5-22mm, hot rolled round steel bars or is this section of special-shaped steel, for delivery in coiled form, so it is also known as rod. Common wire diameter of 5-13mm. high speed wire rolling high speed wire rod mill, producing fast, turn-plate of larger packaging is usually quite tight, beautiful.
High line refers to "high speed no-twist mill" rolling of wire rods. Rolling speed of 80-160 m/s, each 1.8-2.5 tons in weight, high precision of tolerance, in the process of rolling process parameters can be adjusted through to ensure the product's different requirements.