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Reinforcement Of Structural Column Of Steel Structure Warehouse

Nov 01, 2017

First, the Steel Structure Warehouse of the plant structure columns are reinforced, there are three ways:

1. To reduce the reinforcement workload and the impact of reinforcement construction on production, you can focus on strengthening a column. So that it can bear the entire frame frame column top most of the horizontal force. This reduces the load on the other columns so that the other columns do not need to be reinforced or less reinforced

2. When the frame has the main and auxiliary cross, you can focus on strengthening the main span, and make the sub-spanning into a static system, simply supported on the main span, so that can not reinforce the sub-column

3. The connection between the roof truss and the top of the column is changed from hinge to fastening, and the method of increasing the degree of the top of the column is adopted to reduce the bending moment of the column so that the column body can not be reinforced

Second, limit the deformation of the top of the column to increase the stiffness, reduce the pillar moment:

1. With a cable or pole to anchor the top of the column on the ground, or when the high and low span, the pole can be fixed on the adjacent roof

2. Increase the vertical and horizontal support of the roof, so that the Steel Structure Warehouse of the plant skeleton according to the space work to consider the light Steel Structure Warehouse to take appropriate measures, may consider the envelope of the skin effect. When the Steel Structure Warehouse length is short, you can add additional support in the roof, so that the roof to form a rigid plate, the roof of the horizontal load all passed to the gable. So that you can use the gable as a shear wall to withstand the horizontal horizontal force, and wide room frame can be considered without any side of the column.

Third, when the plant column with a cow to support the crane beam, set only to load the crane beam load column, you can remove the frame column by the crane beam bearing the reaction force generated by the axial force and bending moment, thus So that the column is no longer reinforced.