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Selection Of Steel Structure Housing System

Nov 28, 2017

From the view of the completed steel structure house, the main products are:

1) the form of thin-walled steel composite wallboard;

2) pure framework;

3) framework support form;

4) form of steel concrete composite;

5) steel frame - concrete seismic wall form and so on.

These structures have different features, among which the thin-wall steel composite wall panel form is suitable to finalize the design product, its system structure has evolved from wallboard, the thin wall component by about 600 mm steel column spacing arrangement form between the vertical bearing structure, steel support system to resist the horizontal force, decorate ribbed slab according to the position of the vertical steel support structure, because of the upper structure as a class wallboard structure, its basic set into a strip footing according to the stress distribution, low requirements for the foundation.

Thin-walled steel composite wallboard houses are affected by a dense structure, and there are certain restrictions on opening, door and window opening and selection of component sizes.

The following forms can meet the design requirements of multi-high-rise residence, but there is a common problem from the perspective of use, that is, the influence of the beam column on the perception of the house.

Relative to other building housing has its particularity, office, the workshop can be used in a relatively fixed column grid, the height is higher, the beam, the sense of space gives a person is appropriate, column grid rules in favor of the arrangement of beam.

On the contrary, the residence is a variety of products, and according to the requirements of the building, there are few rules of the column, the room is relatively small, change more, adverse to the steel frame layout.

Due to the characteristics of the steel, it can only be formed in the housing or truss system framework system, to say the framework if applicable to the ordinary housing, steel frame inevitably has its place, for normal frame structure can not solve the problem of housing application, the conventional steel frame system applied in the average house has similar weakness.