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Seven Major Safety Measures In Steel Building Construction Need To Bear In Mind

Jul 17, 2017

Steel Building construction, engineering quality is still the second, the most important thing is to do the appropriate security measures. "Safety first" is the principle of all construction must follow, so in the Steel Building construction process, the following several security measures must pay attention to:

(1) Steel Building construction operations should comply with safe operating procedures, into the scene must bring helmets, smoking to the development of the smoking room, high-altitude operation of a good seat belt. Establish a security awareness based on prevention.

(2) check the fire, fence and other safety facilities are perfect, imperfect to be trimmed or added.

(3) should be promptly cleaned up a variety of roads and the road of the snow, pay attention to non-slip fall. Can not be removed in time due to the laying of grass curtains, planks and other anti-slip measures.

(4) sanding of the electric heating pipe should be taken to protect the grounding measures to prevent leakage.

(5) open fire construction should be away from flammable materials, or take isolation measures. Strict implementation of the fire system. And carry fire bucket, set someone to see the fire.

(6) to protect the safety of workers, dormitory is strictly prohibited using electric stove or other dangerous electrical equipment heating.

(7) to prevent winter workers frostbite, or the occurrence of gas poisoning accident.