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Steel Building Engineering Welding Of Various Preparations

Nov 01, 2017

Steel Building engineering welding preparation, Xiao Bian in accordance with the company's years of experience in the construction of the summary, can be divided into the cleaning area of the weld, groove accuracy inspection, component assembly, component positioning welding four aspects, below Xiaobian give you Share one by one.

First, the Steel Building before welding to clean the weld area

Before assembly of components. Should be welded to all components of the groove cutting surface with the cutting surface on both sides of soI71} 11 within the scope of a field.

2. After assembly of components. Care should be taken to protect clean areas.

3. When using submerged arc welding. Flux outflows may contact the surface of the steel surface before welding should remove the rust.

Second, the Steel Building before welding to be accurate groove inspection:

The shape and dimensional accuracy of the weld bead have a significant effect on the quality of the weld. Before welding, check the accuracy of groove processing according to the relevant regulations.

Third, the Steel Building of the workpiece assembly before welding

In order to ensure the correct size of the product, the components should be assembled before welding. During assembly, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the steel plate, the angle of the groove and the clearance of the root. After assembling the components, the assembly precision should be checked.

Fourth, the component positioning welding before the official welding. The components should be positioned and welded first.

Locate the standard length of the weld

Positioning welding operation method should be used to reflow arc, arc filled with craters. The length of the weld shall be calculated on the basis of 7 times the foot size of the weld (design weld). The welding material used to locate the weld should be the same as the material of the formal weld, the process requirements are the same; the preheating temperature of the positioning weld should be higher than the formal weld preheating temperature of about 50 ℃. The positioning weld must be free of weld defects as it is part of the official weld and its standard length can be found in Table 1.