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Steel Building Welding Technology To Prepare What

Jun 23, 2017

First, the steel components in the production, the factory should be requested in accordance with the requirements of the welding process assessment test. The production process should be strictly in accordance with the process of assessment of the relevant parameters and requirements, through the tracking test, such as the quality problems, should be re-tested to achieve quality and stability.

Second, according to the Steel Building construction program and the technical specifications of the Steel Building and construction drawings of the relevant requirements of the preparation of various types of construction technology and related technical documents, the factory should organize the relevant departments of steel processing technology review.

Third, the Steel Building before the construction of welding technology should be responsible for the staff according to the welding process evaluation results of the preparation of welding process documents and technical personnel to the end of the operation, the construction should strictly comply with the provisions of the process documents.

Fourth, the Steel Building welding process documents include the following: welding method or welding method combination, the base metal grade, thickness and other related dimensions, welding material type, specifications, welding joint form, groove shape and size allowable deviation, Welding process, welding process, welding speed, welding level, clear root requirements, welding sequence, arc plate and lead plate, welding process parameters, preheating temperature and interlayer temperature range, after the heat, Welding stress removal process and test methods.

Fifth, the construction Steel Building with steel and welding filler material selection should be combined with the design requirements, and should have the steel and welding materials factory issued by the quality certificate report inspection report. Material chemical composition, mechanical properties and other quality requirements must meet the current national standards, when the use of other steel and welding materials to replace the design materials, must be approved by the original design unit.

Six, Steel Building selection of new materials must be identified by new products, steel should be provided by the manufacturer of welding materials, guidance welding process, thermal processing and heat treatment process parameters of the corresponding steel welded joint performance data and other information. Welding materials should be provided by the manufacturer to store and weld the baking parameters, the deposited metal composition, the performance appraisal materials and the guiding welding parameters, after the expert demonstration, assessment and welding process assessment qualified before being used in the project.