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Steel Building With Insulation And Energy Saving Effect

Sep 29, 2017

All the Steel Building is highly energy efficient wall, insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect, can reach 50% energy efficiency standards. Roof with a ventilated function, you can make the room over the formation of flowing air, to ensure that the roof of the ventilation and cooling needs.

Steel Building To ensure the effect of insulation, insulation and insulation materials used in the external walls and roofs of buildings can be used for a long time and can be insulated. In addition to the walls of the wall filled with glass fiber, the outside of the wall and then paste a layer of insulation material, effectively cut off through the wall to the outer wall of the bridge; Fill glass fiber to reduce the heat transfer through the floor; all wall walls are filled with glass fiber between the wall, reducing the heat transfer between the wall

Steel Building temperature does not exceed 200. C, the material will not change, not only does not reduce the strength, will not occur blue crisp and creep phenomenon. Temperature, so the effect of Steel Building is still very good insulation.