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Steel Fiber Products Of Practical Application

Jan 21, 2017

Biggest difference is that the effect of steel fiber and conventional concrete tension, not only surface layer thinner, improving pavement performance, increase life span, but can also save costs, shorten the duration. The emergence of steel fiber in order to resolve the increasingly serious road damage, people's economic fundamentals have been driving more and more, the growing burden of road traffic, the damage of cement concrete pavement, recapping huge investment and long construction period, affecting traffic and pedestrian travel. And the emergence of steel fibers, can solve this problem, as a new type of composite, quickly get widely used, can effectively control the concrete cracks, improve the crack resistance of composite materials.
Other materials used in steel fiber reinforced concrete, should be consistent with existing examples on the delineation of the material used in reinforced concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete consistency can refer to similar works of ordinary concrete the consistency required to determine.