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Steel Fibers With Different Shapes Have Different Properties

Jan 21, 2017

Steel fibers add Enhancer is the most important industrial project, in order to enhance the strength of concrete, we will often add a lot of steel fibers, used to increase the crack resistance of the concrete, seismic.
In order to obtain this goal, not only to upgrade the performance and quality of steel fiber, but also will change its shape accordingly by changing the shape of steel fiber, then change its properties.
By changing its shape, can make a single chimeric between steel fiber is stronger, this will allow the strength of steel fiber high adhesion of steel fibers stronger or better with concrete adhesive.
Changing the shape of steel fibers, during the production of steel fiber when pinch rolls on the wire into a Groove, this will allow production of steel fiber has better mating force can better sticking together with concrete, can better fit inside the steel fibers, thereby greatly enhancing the strength of concrete.