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Steel Structure Housing To Meet The Needs Of The Development Of The Green Circle

Apr 05, 2017
Green development, the development cycle, is the constant target of economic new normal, for buildings, was to change unsustainable traditional extensive mode of production, to a more environmental protection, resource saving construction industry modernization forward.There is no denying the fact that society and consumers for the steel structure housing there is misunderstanding, conflicts with the traditional concept of living habits, and there is no understanding, wall materials of lightweight conforms to the concerns. While the current steel structure residential construction cost slightly higher, and form a complete set of wall plank shortcomings, but its light weight, construction component and light plate production in the factory, the in-situ prefabricated construction, greatly reduce the construction site of water and electricity consumption, reduce waste emissions and dust pollution, to achieve comprehensive energy saving over a third advantage is certain to be a developer. Steel structure housing as a new type of building structure system, make residential construction "construction" to "make" factory of industrial products, reduce on-site uncontrollable quality defects, improve the assembly construction quality;Steel members realize factory production, according to the standardization, generalization process production, mechanical processing, precision blanking, the quality of high precision, field assembly construction greatly reduce the manual work.