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Talking About The Advantages Of Steel Structure Building Can Not Be Underestimated

Jul 05, 2017

The advantages of Steel Structure Building can not be underestimated - Steel Structure Building and other construction compared to the comprehensive economic advantages

Steel Structure Building Compared with other construction, in use, design, construction and comprehensive economic aspects have advantages, low cost, can move at any time.

First, the Steel Structure Building of residential buildings than traditional buildings can better meet the building between the large open flexible requirements, and by reducing the cross-sectional area of the column and the use of lightweight wall panels, improve area utilization, indoor effective use of the area increased about Six percent.

Second, the energy-saving effect is good, the use of lightweight energy-saving wall of the C-shaped steel, square steel, sandwich panels, insulation performance, good earthquake resistance. Saving 50 percent,

Third, the Steel Structure Building of the building system for residential buildings can give full play to the ductility of Steel Structure Building, plastic deformation ability, with excellent seismic performance, greatly improving the safety and reliability of residential. Especially in the case of earthquakes, typhoon disasters, the steel structure to avoid the collapse of the building destroyed.

Fourth, the total weight of the building, Steel Structure Building, residential building system of light weight, about half of the concrete structure, can greatly reduce the basis of cost.

Fifth, the construction speed, duration than the traditional residential system at least one-third, a 1000 square meters only 20 days, five workers can be completed.

Six, environmental protection effect is good. Steel Structure Building residential construction greatly reduces the amount of sand, stone, ash, the material used is mainly green, 100% recycled or degraded material, in the building demolition, most of the material can be reused or degraded, will not cause garbage.

Seven, with a flexible, abundance. Large room design, indoor space can be divided into multiple programs to meet the different needs of users.

8, in line with the housing industry and sustainable development requirements. Steel Structure Building for large-scale production of factories, a high degree of industrialization, and energy saving, waterproofing, insulation, doors and windows and other advanced products set in one, complete sets of applications, design, production, construction integration, improve the level of construction industry.

Compared with ordinary reinforced concrete structure, steel structure is superior to ordinary reinforced concrete structure, its high strength, high construction speed, good shock resistance and high recovery rate, steel than masonry and concrete strength and elastic modulus to be many times higher, so in the Load the same conditions, the quality of steel components light. From the destruction of the view, the steel structure is in advance with a large deformation of the omen, are ductile damage structure, can be pre-identified danger, so as to avoid.

Steel Structure Building plant with the overall light, save the foundation, less materials, low cost, short construction period, span, safe and reliable, handsome in appearance, structural stability and other advantages. Steel Structure Building is widely used in large span industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage, high-rise buildings, office buildings, multi-storey parking lot and residential and other construction industries.