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Tamping And Leveling For Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Pavement

Jan 21, 2017

1, using the vibrating machine and vibrating mode should ensure that the density of steel fiber reinforced concrete, but should ensure uniformity of distribution of steel fiber in concrete.
2, in addition to meeting the traffic level pavement roughness requirement, after leveling the surface shall not bare upturned steel fibers, 10-30mm depth under the surface of the steel fibers must be flat distributions. Using sliding mode paver, track paver paving of steel fiber reinforced concrete pavement, vibrator vibration frequency of the Group should not be less than 10000r/min, vibrator set bottom margin should be strictly controlled in the surface position of the Panel, shall not insert the vibrator groups of steel fiber reinforced concrete of pavement internal vibration.
3, the use of three roller units when the paving of steel fiber reinforced concrete pavement, not to insert the vibrator groups internal vibration of steel fiber reinforced concrete of pavement, Plug and do not use artificial pound. Power plate vibrator vibrating compaction, compaction vibration beam leveling. Vibrating beam bottom ridges should be established in order to facilitate surface of steel fibres and coarse aggregate into. Leveling machine with three rollers will then roll flat on the surface. 3M Derby, scraper or spatula, vertical and horizontal precision flat surface.