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The Advantage Of Light Weight Steel Villa House

Apr 17, 2017

1, the layout is conducive to natural ventilation.So the article type is better than dot construction.

2, building toward the north and south, appropriate USES and close to the north and south.

3. The building shape coefficient (that is, buildings surrounded by the outer surface of the outdoor contact with the ratio of volume) construction should not be more than 0.35 bar, should not be more than 0.3;Dot construction should not be more than 0.4.This requires that in the graphic design of residences to minimize concave and convex parts.The measured data show that when the building shape coefficient is less than or equal to 0.3, whether the insulation or external thermal insulation wall body, can realize the energy saving of 50%.When the shape coefficient is greater than 0.30 and 0.30, the external thermal insulation can also achieve the above goals.

4, the area of the window should not be too big, toward a different window wall than required.The minimum thermal resistance of the maintenance structure than the upper limit for the window wall: north to 0.20, east-west 0.30, south to 0.35.

5, multilayer residence outside window appropriate USES flat open, appropriate setting activities outside shading.

6, multilayer residence outside the window, and the balcony door tightness level should not be lower than Ⅲ, top grade should not be lower than Ⅱ.

7, steel structure of the thermal bridge to cut off.The main measures are: peripheral beams to include apply for architecture, not exposed.Foreign pick decorative steel frame with the bearing steel frame disconnect.If the block filler wall, block shall be laid to 50 ㎜, will build by laying bricks or stones in the wall steel members for heat insulation.