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The Difference Between Just And Articulated:

Jun 07, 2017

Just after passing the torque, the hinge can only transmit shear forces.

There is also a structural difference between the two.Hinged, such as H, can only be constructed by connecting structures.

A little!

It is divided into:

(a) hinged column foot (b)

The concrete structure of the column is the same as the axial force N, the horizontal shear force V and the bending moment M, the base size is larger.

There are two kinds of cylindrical feet that are very common in light steel structure, and the force is different.

For hinged column feet, there is only axial force N and horizontal force

In addition to the axial force N and the horizontal force V, there is a certain bending moment M,

The base of the mast is greater than the hinge pin. 

Also note:

For the design of the node at the foot of the pole:

When it is used in industrial plants and has a bridge crane, it is advisable to design the column feet


Rigid column feet should pay attention to the following problem:

The basic construction unit should have certain technical level

Shearing should be set


* questions about just receive, articulated, in theory, just answer articulated refers to whether the node can moving, completely just answer means no rotation, articulated is free rotation.In this case, the node can not only bear the shear axis, but also have the stiffness.The diplomatic envoys have been deformed by bending moments.In theory, not just pick up, as long as the function is the deformation, in actual engineering, after reaching a certain stiffness, we can think in engineering is just answered, if can bear the bending moment and deformation is bigger, but we think is half just answer, is elastic fixation.

Articulated well understood, but free to rotate, just not to be able to bear the bending moment, then the shear force and the shaft force.Specific to a component, such as the working type member, the flange is mainly bent, the abdominal plate is mainly shear.Because the discussion of some comrades had not learned mechanics, I'll explain plain, for the moment, the farther from centroid axis, the greater contribution to the bending moment, so flange bending moment farthest from the centroid.The shear stress is the largest in the form, so the abdominal plate is mainly sheared.Generally speaking, specific to the node, such as the end plate connection, the thickness of the end plate that has a bolt on the outside edge of the wing, the thickness of the end plate meets the requirement.The hinged node bolts are positioned near the axis of the axis.