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The Difference Between The Light Steel Structure And Steel Structure

Apr 24, 2017

Light steel structure

Light steel structure design codes (Shanghai) is to differentiate between light steel and PuGang;Light steel structure housing has no strict definition, generally available to differentiate between the cross section of the main stress components.So the following structures can be referred to as the light steel structure:

(1) made of cold bending thin-wall steel structure;

(2) made of hot-rolled light steel structure;

(3) composed of welding and high frequency welding of lightweight steel structure;

(4) by the round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes made of structure;

(5) made of thin steel plate welded components structure;

(6) by the above all kinds of components made of composite structure.

Determine the structure of chongqing steel and light steel structure is no a unified standard, many experienced designer or project manager is often said can't fully understand, but we can with some data comprehensive consideration and judgment:

1, workshop crane lifting weight: greater than or equal to 25 tons, can be thought of as chongqing steel structure.

Steel weight of the 2, per square meter: greater than or equal to 50 kg/M2, can be regarded as chongqing steel structure.

3, the main components: steel plate thickness is greater than or equal to 10 mm, light steel structure with less