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What Are The Different Properties Of Different Types Of Steel Fibers

Jan 21, 2017

This enhancement can make concrete a qualitative change, just add a few rows of steel fibers, are able to enhance the concrete crack resistance, impact resistance, even broken concrete, the Enhancer can also crack control it, don't let it spread, reducing losses.
We know the milling steel fiber, this is also a very high quality of steel fiber, due to its high mixing effect, so it is very popular.
Milling steel fiber looks like a Crescent, this shape can be very good to have a single steel fibers are embedded with steel fibers, greatly increases its strength and the steel surface is very rough, can combine well with concrete, the effect is striking.
If other steel fibers, when added to concrete, attention should be mixed evenly, but not with this kind of steel fibers, just simple mixing procedure, it can be good to mix it well.