Prefabricated Movable Sentry Box Shed Tiny House

Prefabricated tiny house sentry box shed Main Features (1)Lifetime: more than 20 years (2)High seismic performance: maximum protection 7 scales (3)Wind-proof: maximum protection 10 scales (4)Fire resistance: all the materials used will be fire resistance. (5)Snow resistance: maximum 2.9KN/M2 as...

Product Details

Prefabricated tiny house sentry box shed

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wall, door, window,skylight, etc

Using field

garden, indoor, school, Villa district, residential area, park, yard etc


storage the tools for garden cleaning and as for people living etc


1:CBM is small to save many ocean freight

2:blowing producing technique by HDPE plastic

3:plastic shed wall and floor by 3cm thickness

4:window and skylight material by PVC

5:carton package


A: Customized according to client's drawings

B: Provide installation services abroad

C: Patent products

D:Undertake the government tender projects

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Main Features

(1)Lifetime: more than 20 years 

(2)High seismic performance: maximum protection 7 scales 

(3)Wind-proof: maximum protection 10 scales 

(4)Fire resistance: all the materials used will be fire resistance. 

(5)Snow resistance: maximum 2.9KN/M2 as required 

(6)High water and heat insulation: 100 mm in thickness can match more than 1m thickness of brick wall. 

(7)High acoustic insulation: 60db of exterior wall 40db of interior wall 

(8)Insect prevention: Free from the damages by insects, such as white ants 

Prefabricated House Characteristics :

1.Compared with the civil building,easy construction,low cost,time-saving,labor saving and convenient transportation. 

2.The steel structures make the house resisting heavy wind of 120km/h and 7 grade earthquakes. 

3.It has a good fire proof and heat insulation performance. 

4.Anti worm and ant.All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which can be used for more than 15 years without any building garbage.

5.Recyclable materials,it can be assemble and disassemble six times. 

6.Beautiful appearance,different colors for the wall,roof and steel structure. 

7.300mm high concrete floor can meet the requirement of the foundation. 

8.6 people one team,one day can install more than 300 m².

How do order?

Step 1: Tell us your requirements

Step 2: Quotation will be sent based on your requirement. Solution will be recommended to you as the  

Step 3: Negotiate and confirm each details for goods, trading terms and so on, get agreement and sign  

Step 4: Advanced payment and production

Step 5: Factory Examine Goods/ rectify and reform to meet the requirements of contract.

Step 6: Balance payment and shipping

Step 7: Handing Shipping files to help clients get goods from transporter in time.

Step 8: Clients get goods and go into warranty time.


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