Prefabricated Metal Heavy Duty House Apartment Building

Prefabricated Metal Apartment heavy duty House Product Description FAQ Q:How long the building it spends? A:About 15-30 days depending on the projcet or as required Q:What are the material? A:ABS plastic,acrylic ,PMMA,metal Q:What documents are necessary in production? A:1.wat's the building...

Product Details

Prefabricated Metal Apartment heavy duty House


Product Description

miniature scale arhitectral model


scale size

1/30.1/50.1/100.1/200.1/500 or as request

site size

according as the scale size and model range



ABS plastic,acrylic,metal,wood


engraving machine,laser machine,polishing machine,handmade


building wall with windows,balcony etc



painted grass podwer,plastic grass or as request


plastic or handmade


wood carved by shape layered,or sand&little rock


LED light with different color



painted wood


painted wood,metal,marbleetc


PMMA cover,acrylic cover or as request

delivery time

15-30days after receiving your 30%deposit

files format

dwg,jpg,max,sketchup etc


wooden case or as request



Q:How long the building it spends?

A:About 15-30 days depending on the projcet or as required

Q:What are the material?

A:ABS plastic,acrylic ,PMMA,metal

Q:What documents are necessary in production?

A:1.wat's the building model scale you want to make building model size

3.building photos or rendering for reference


1 The pre-fabricated house is easy to be installed, the construction period is short so that it contains high time benefit.

2 The cost of our light steel structure building is much lower than the traditional types.

3 Although the price is not high, the quality of the modular house is reliable. The structure of our product and the materials are designed and are choosen by experienced engineers.

4 The prefab steel structure building is recyclabe, environmental friendly and energy-saving, therefore, our product provides high economical benefit.

5 The appearence of it is beautiful, and it is waterproof ,soundproof, fireproof,

earthquake proof.

We Promise:

1 All of our product such as warehouse and workshop are designed by experienced engineers. We are trying our best to offer you an excellent value procurement.

2 In order to assure the high quality with our prefabricated warehouse, every component of it is chosen with patience and consideration.

3 In addition, for higher economical benefit, the price will be always controlled in a most competitive range.

4 For your best time benefit, we will prepare a well-organized construction planning and send professional engineer for technical support.


Q 1: What are your main products?

A: Our man products have prefab K house, T house, SHS house, H house, container house, light steel structure villa, steel structure warehouse, sentry box, sandwich panel and other constructive materials.

Q2: What will client provide before factory offers good quotation?

A: When we receive inquiry from client, client please fills purchasing intention sheet, providing us with information of house dimensions, draft drawing, layout and materials for prefabricated house. We will design the drawings and offer competitive quotation with the above information.

Q3: What are main materials of prefabricated house?

A: Our prefabricated house materials mainly include light steel structure, sandwich panel, roof tile, door, window, covers, screws and other accessories.

Q4: How you calculate the total area?

A: Industry calculation rule as below:

(1) house area = exterior house length X exterior house width X floor

(2) canopy area=exterior house length X 1/2 X canopy width

(3) staircase area = 4.5 sqm X quantity of staircase

(4) corridor area = exterior house length X corridor width

(5) total area = (1) + (2) + (3) + (4) + (5)

Q5: What drawing of house will factory supply?

A: Plan drawing, elevation drawing, sectional drawing, foundation drawing, installation drawing.

Q6:How many types of sandwich panel do you have?

A: We have EPS(polystyrene)sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel, and PU(polyurethane)sandwich panel.

The characteristics of your sandwich panels respectively:

1.EPS(polystyrene)sandwich panel: thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. EPS volume weight is 80-200Kg/m3, water-proof.

2.Rock wool sandwich panel: thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. Rock wool volume weight is 200-400Kg /m3, fire-proof, sound-insulation, heat-preservation.

3.PU(polyurethane)sandwich panel: thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm. PU volume weight is 150-300/m3water-proof, fire-proof, heat-proof, heat-insulation, heat-preservation, sound-insulation.

Q7: How many colors do your sandwich panels have?

A: Offwhite, ivory white, blue, green and red color.

Q8: What is the life expectancy of prefabricated house?



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