Large span steel truss roof design space tube truss welding

Product introduce: The foldable prefabricated container is new designed for quick assembly, convenient storage and transportation, with excellent features of heat preservation, inflaming retarding water-proof, cold-proof, corrosion prevention, water tightness and air tightness. Container Housing...

Product Details

Shandong built stadium large-span truss processing manufacturers offer the source of Qingdao source of building steel structure building materials co., LTD., production workshop area of 20377 square, has 10 H and box for sintering production line, 4 tube truss production line, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, large straightening machine, the curve method for CNC plane drilling, cutting machine, 55 sets of CO2 gas shielded welding machine, hollow drill, magnetic drill, Lord with 20 tons of traffic, and 10 tons of traffic and other large equipment. First-line production more than 100 employees, intermediate title technical personnel more than 20, design research and development personnel 6, with 15 years experience in * and prefabricated steel structure building design, more than 10 TEKLA deepening design engineers, deepen the space truss steel structure, steel frame structure, experienced production personnel * production capability is strong, long engaged in heavy steel structure production and pipe truss steel structure production, welding and the components of fine production ability. The eye ferris wheel in The Bohai Sea is the * axleless tube truss ferris wheel in Asia. Products are: the spatial pipe truss structure frame structure H and box component industrial building H section steel beam-column prefabricated steel structure residential special non-standard steel structure spiral staircase curved staircase stadiums high-speed rail, subway station, *, convention and exhibition center school office building public commodity residential house industrial construction companies of chongqing steel structure production capacity 20000 tons, spatial pipe truss capacity 30000 tons. The company independent research and development design ability is outstanding, has a number of inventions *. In response to the rapid development of national prefabricated steel structure housing, the prefabricated pressure steel plate combination light cement foam board specially developed and designed has entered the experimental production stage. The company takes the party construction as the enterprise culture and the cornerstone, does not forget the original intention to keep the mission in mind. Set up the customer benefit *, the enterprise benefit second, the employee benefit third value idea. Customer-centric, to provide exquisite products and quality services to the means of innovation, for the enterprise to create better economic efficiency people-oriented, for the staff to create a better work, study, life, development environment. Based in Shandong and looking to the world, Zuozhiyuan is adding bricks and tiles to the green home! The products of our company include: space pipe truss structure frame structure H type steel beam column prefabricated steel structure industrial building H type steel structure housing special shape non-standard steel structure parts spiral staircase curved staircase stadium high speed railway subway station convention and exhibition center school office building commercial residential industrial building * production.

Product Specification:
1. The whole series of container houses hanging system using light steel structure, walls covered with wallboard compound EPS. All siding and accessories collapsible packaging, easy to install and suitable for a large number of long-haul transport and export shipping. Reference Size: (mm) 5850 * 2300 * 2700. 40-foot container can be loaded 6-8 sets container house.
2. roofing, floors, electrical systems completely prefabricated factory, make on-site installation easy, fast, shorten the time from building houses to use the interval
3. Steel Housing System has the ability to make excellent resistance to 120km / h wind speed; lightweight construction in the face of the house with other strong seismic fortification intensity 8 earthquake disaster, showing good integrity.
4. The whole house can transport, transport also compressible packing
5. Field production base of small amounts, can be transported to the site after use.
6. Housing can achieve recycling, sustainable use of 20 years, use of the process does not produce any construction waste.
7. roof with structural waterproofing design, enhanced housing airtight, watertight.
8. Housing factory, according to the actual application, select Add with awning and other decorative accessories.
9. I can be responsible for the installation, guidance or training installation.
10. A whole series Hanging houses on environmental adaptability, easy on-site installation, the large number of temporary work as a high-grade requirements, accommodation, the whole kitchen, bathroom and other purposes 

Installation details:four workers installed a set in half an hour
Packaging details:5 sets into a 40HQ open top container
Delivery details:15-25 days after getting formal order 


1,We accept any drawings or your samples to develop new product.
2,Any small problems will be solved at the most prompt time.
3,We always offer relateive technical support,,quick response,all your inquire will replied within 24 hours.
4,We can delivery the your goods within 25 workdays.
5,One- step service,we can provide Electrical, Plumbing,Toilet ,shower and sinks,and all you want.
6,OEM service.


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